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This is the earlier version of Thegamelords.

This article gives a detailed guide to Gaming, Hacks, and Emulation.

The following Lists are primarily of 10,000 original "Cheat-codes":
(You will find them to be the Most-Effective Codes ever made !)
You can expect to find Invincibility codes for nearly Every game.
Also, for shortened space, all "infinite Lives" and "infinite energy" codes will simply appear as "Lives" and "energy" on the lists.
But, in each case,
this shortened use-of-words always implies "Infinite attributes".
Most notably, most primary codes have been completely RE-PROGRAMMED in order to work on Today's P.C. emulators.

---Sega Genesis on P.C. (using GENS),
---Super Nintendo on P.C. (Using ZSNES or SNES9x)
--- N.E.S. 8-bit on P.C. (Using FCEU, FCEUultra, or FCEUx)
---Plus, a great deal more....

Also, the necessary EMULATORS ARE Available.
Their temporary location is on D & S Yahoo group:
Sorry for the inconvenience.
We are currently working on a new website (,
but it's flawed! ...& the uploading abilities are not successful, yet.

Cheat Codes: The ZSNES Collection
(Also works on SNES9x & Super Nintendo)

Cheat codes: The GENS Collection
(re-programmed specifically for Gens. Also for Sega Genesis)

GAME-GENIE Codes for N.E.S. and, FCEU-ultra
(100% Original, for 8-bit Nintendo)

Codes for Freeze SMS (Emulator)
8-bit Sega Master System for your P.C.

Turbografx Codes: Classic gaming Codes

(also compatible with Magic Engine on P.C.)

THE COMPLETE "FCEU-ultra" cheat-code collection.
This is the #1 most complete list available for N.E.S.)

Nintendo 8 Bit codes for Computer: FCEUultra

Every Major Search-Engine, for your convenience

A Classic Collection of Game-Genie Codes, by Galoob.
(From their original instruction manuals):

Game Genie Codes: for N.E.S. (8 Bit)...(from galoob)**

Game Genie Codes for SNES (16-bit)**

Game Genie Codes for Sega Genesis**

The Above lists take you the beginning of each compilation.
Click below to view an entire list of all pages:

For those who prefer Direct URL's, without the fancy HTML Links:

(All of the above links are supplied by two different sources,
S.W. (Lor. H) & M.R.M. (Seth S.)

Advice on Cheating:
Try playing the game without cheating, until necessary !

Sometimes, using One Cheat code is sufficient,
....rather than "abusing the power".
Also, occasionally, some codes may cause undesirable effects.
And, sometimes must be temporarily de-activated.

Also, the compatibility of emulators varies.
Some SNES Roms will only work on ZSNES.
Some Multiple-game Roms are incompatible with FCEU.
Also, here's a final word.
This web-page and subsequent material will always remain active !!!
Blogger's policy protects material from any unwanted deletions.

The entire collection has been thoroughly organized.
And, 100% authorized by the original copywriter.

All links can be accessed on this "Main Page",for easy reference.
If you agree this site presents itself honestly,
then don't hesitate to vote.
We are "The Game Lords".
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